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Adhesive Tape Application In Textile Industry

Đăng bởi: Hanopro Media - 16/09/2019 - Số lượt xem: 682

In textile, dyeing and fiber industry, there is always a huge need to use adhesive tapes, PE bags (plastic bags) and PE wrap because of the demand of having the best packaging preservation.

Adhesive tapes in textile, dyeing and fiber industries:

As everyone knows, adhesive tapes are always widely used in manufacturing and processing industries, not just only the textile industries. So what are the most commonly used tapes?


The following needs may be mentioned in turn:

OPP Packing tape: Textile products always need to be stored or sold, so packing tape will always account for the highest percentage including: clear, opaque color and other colors.


Double-sided tape: used very commonly in the process of gluing materials on each other, to form a frame or a pattern. These include: yellow double-sided tape, black foam tape, white foam tape ...


Fiber adhesive tape: There are several types of tape that are specially produced to serve certain industries.


PE bag (plastic bag):

This type of item includes 2 types depending on the needs of the product to be stored: Colored PE bags and Clear Pe bags.


They are used for wrapping textile products. Colored PE bag and clear PE bag have a good product preservation, especially the PE vacuum bag. Resistant to mold or airborne changes in color and quality of products.

PE wrap

PE wrap is an indispensable product in the textile and dyeing industry. Not only preserving finished products from external environmental factors, PE wrap is always used to protect Pallets, so it is also known as Pallet wrap. When the packages are placed on pallets and wrapped around by PE film, they become very solid to the rain and sun effect to the quality of products inside.

Hanopro pioneered as one of the first and largest manufacturers of adhesive tape in Vietnam and strongly promoted its capabilities throughout the continent through products of high applicability and compact design with good price.


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