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Hanopro as Industrial Packaging & Shipping Product Supplier

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Hanopro tape products are widely used on the market, in industry and life because of the factors: quality, price, design, packaging and customer trust. The most common is the role of adhesive tape in packaging.

Here are some popular Hanopro tape products in the packaging process:


1. Transparent, yellow, opaque OPP tape with the bear core

OPP tape products have a chemical adhesive layer structure and special properties that help it get the appropriate ingredients to create super adhesive tape that helps the tape to stick well on the surface, solidly strengthen the packaging boxes. The inner membrane also makes packaging neat and less distracting.


2. Cloth adhesive tape

Easy to tear, good adhesion, higher durability than OPP adhesive tape. Cloth adhesive tape is also diverse in common colors such as red, blue, green, yellow.


3. Simili adhesive tape

It is easy to recognize simili tape in stationery, but its features are even more special in packaging because of its high strength and good adhesion. Hanopro's simili tapes also produce many different colors depending on the needs of the customer.


4. PE film

It is an effective product for wrapping and packing parcels and pallets, helping to maximum protect the items, avoiding risks and damages during transportation and storage.


And a variety of other tape products ...


In addition to its efficient packaging, each type of adhesive tape, PE film, is also known for its unique functions according to the needs of its customers. To promote the efficiency of work, contact Hanopro to be consulted with the best product that suits your needs, Hanopro is always ready to answer and provide the best service for you.

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