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Exporting adhesive tape and PE stretch film to the United State on 4 July 2018

Đăng bởi: Hanopro Media - 09/10/2018 - Số lượt xem: 969

In May 2018, a company that specialize in producing paper goods and have head office in the United State came and ordered BOPP adhesive tape of Hanopro (Viet Nam). This transaction was strongly successful and satisfied both parties.

Now, before receiving order, this company used and felt highly satisfied with quality of our adhisive tape. And they came back once and continue to cooperate company’products. This time is still BOPP packing tape and PE stretch film. When they believed products’quality and sevices of company, they don’t hesitate to order more than last time.

With satisifition of customer come from tough market like the United State, other company which want to cooperate with Hanopro can fully trust quality and service of our company.

Hanopro always welcome all customers to cooperate with us. We are able to meet all requests about the quality of products with the most reasonable price.


Please contact us to have more information through:


sales@hanopro.com or 04 62 575 888/ 333

Hotline: 09 6789 9 777.

Email :  kinhdoanh@hanopro.com

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