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About HanoPro,

Hanopro pioneered as one of the first and largest manufacturers of adhesive tapes in Vietnam and promoted heavily its capacity across continents after Vietnam implemented international cooperation agreement in order to create its economic growing potential, while most of firms tend to import, even daily items.




We focus on producing wide range of packaging materials such as Adhesive Tapes, Stretch Film and Silica Gel. The company has always been a trusted place for quality products with the most affordable prices by applying the advanced technology. Furthermore, our dedication to customer from innovative and qualified employees meet up with customers’ demand in terms of high-performance quality, designs and efficiency.




We are proud of exporting our cargo to many developed countries including America, France, Greece, Egypt, Senegal Republic, Korea, Japan and Singapore. It is obviously seen that HanoPro gradually makes its reputation known worldwide.



Hanopro Limited Liability Company was established on October, 2002 under the registration license of Hanoi Plan & Investment Department. Until now, HanoPro owned one office and two factories in the country. The factory, which is more than 15,000 m2 in area, is one of the largest scale among tape and PE companies. We also provide jobs for up to 500 people in the country.



HanoPro has always been determined its mission, which is “The trust of customers is the key factor to the survival of the business”.


“Price and quality are our advantage.”


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